My very latest work has involved a considerable amount of time studying horses.  My newest sculptures are more equine related.  See more of my horse subjects and projects on my Horses and Shires pages.


Equus ferus, The Four beats.

When the horse goes from canter to gallop it starts on three beats and onto a four beat gait.  I am looking at this study to be a way of illustrating this in the sculptural form.  There will initially be one sculpture for each beat.  The possibly two pieces between each beat, making it twelve horses.  There will be a further three taking the horse through suspension and another four through the leap.  The total will make a series of nineteen sculptural pieces.


The Shire or Heavy horse.

The Shire horse epitomises strength.  I love capturing this strength and movement within my sculptures; that sense of forward momentum and power, but still, motionless and frozen.


“Stanley’s shoes”

“Stanley’s shoes” is a sculpture which takes the stance of a shire named Jacob, but has the shoes of Stanley.

It is made from stainless steel lettering which came from a number of interviews with a farmer, a farm owner and a farmer who was a “Hossman” using the shire horse to help work his land.


This sculpture was at Raveningham Sculpture Trail in Norfolk.  Exhibited for the month of August 2020.


"Stanley's Shoes" is for sale please use my contact details for further information prices and commissions.



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